closer-poster-webby Patrick Marber

directed by Rob Cramer

2/3/11 – 3/5/11

Patrick Marber’s 1997 portrait of serially cheating Londoners argues that people confuse love with sex, that they seldom fall equally or simultaneously for each other–and, more to the point, that hate comes easier and stays longer than adoration.



“An incredibly talented cast” Chicago Theatre Blog

“AstonRep does an admiral job with this excellent play” Chicago Critic

“Robert Tobin is excellent as the slighted Larry” Chicago Critic

“Aja Wiltshire shines” -Centerstage


Amy Kasper as Anna

Ray Kasper as Dan

Robert Tobin as Larry

Aja Wiltshire as Alice


Assistant Director/Sound Design – Jeremiah Barr

Stage Management/Light Design – Samantha Barr

Set Design – Jeremiah Barr & Lea Tobin

Graphic Design – Lea Tobin