doubt-pcard1Written by John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Derek Bertelsen

April 5 thru May 5, 2012

A sexual misconduct scandal set at a Catholic grade school in 1964 doesn’t seem particularly poignant at first. Modern day audiences have become desensitized to these infractions due to their sheer volume. John Patrick Shanley’s script handles all of the issues involved with such skill as to make an utterly compelling story.





“The only certainty is that DOUBT needs to be experienced” -Chicago Theatre Beat

 “Bertelsen’s quartet of actors leave no doubt as to the power of this production.” –Centerstage

“…one of the best performances of the theater year” -Chicago Theatre Beat

“CAPTIVATING” -Chicago Stage Style

“A Taut, Riveting Production” Centerstage



Alexandra Bennett as Sister Aloysius

Julie Schroll as Sister James

Tonya Simmons as Mrs. Muller

Robert Tobin as Father Flynn


Assistant Director/Set Design – Jeremiah Barr

Stage Management – Samantha Barr

Sound Design – Ray Kasper

Costumes – June Eubanks

Dramaturgy – Amy Kasper

Graphic Design – Lea Tobin

Photography – Gerard Jamroz