Ray serves as Executive and Literary Director for AstonRep and curates the annual Writers Series of staged readings of new works. Roles with AstonRep: 1984 (Smith), Labour and Leisure (Padre), Closer (Dan), God of Carnage (Michael), The Water’s Edge (Richard), Women of Lockerbie (George Jones). Roles elsewhere: The Elephant Man (Treves), All My Sons (Chris), Rope (Brandon), Burn This! (Pale), Bovver Boys (Allie), Coed Prison Sluts: The Musical (Slick). Directing credits include The Sum of Us (Lucid Theatre), A Life in the Theatre (Sense of Urgency), What the Butler Saw (Sense of Urgency).
AstonRep Credits:

4Pinter (Director, Actor)
Labour and Leisure (Director, The Priest)
Closer (Dan)
God of Carnage (Michael)
The Water’s Edge (Richard)
Rabbit Hole (Sound Design)
Doubt (Sound Design)
Next Fall (Sound Design)
Wit (Sound Design)
The Lieutenant of Inishmore (Sound Design)
The Lyons (Sound Design)
The Women Of Lockerbie (George Jones)
1984 (Winston Smith)
The Laramie Project (Ensemble)