lyons_poster2-updateby Nicky Silver

directed by Derek Bertelsen

Indomitable matriarch Rita Lyons is at a major crossroads. Her husband is dying, her son is in a dubious relationship, and her daughter is barely holding it together. Tempers flare, words are exchanged, and secrets are revealed. Worst of all, Rita can’t figure out how to redesign her living room.



“Highly Recommended-Fresh, Funny, and Poignant” –NWI Times
“A Stunning Cast” –Theatre World
“Derek Bertelsen has directed this production with unbridled energy and precision” –Chicago Stage Review
“An engrossing ensemble piece” –Windy City Times


Susan Fay as Rita

Matthew Harris as Curtis

Amy Kasper as the Nurse

Scott Olson as Ben

Drew Wieland as Brian

Aja Wiltshire as Lisa


Stage Management – Dannie Moore

Assistant Director – Sara Pavlak McGuire

Set Design/Props – Jeremiah Barr

Sound Design – Ray Kasper

Lighting Design – Samantha Barr

Costumes – Uriel Gomez

Prop Designer – Linsey Krakowka

Fight Design – Robert Tobin

Graphic Design – Lea Tobin

Photography – Emily Schwartz

Publicity – David Rosenberg